Milson Advisory

  • Provide strategic plans that give your board and senior management visibility on IT direction and investment for both short and medium term horizons.
  • Facilitate and participate in your planning process to assist you to identify and execute your IT strategy
  • Provide alignment of your ITC strategy with your business strategy to allow ITC to deliver efficiencies and process improvement.
  • Perform independent reviews of the execution of the strategic plan on an on-going basis to ensure timeframes and budgets are being met.
  • Advise your in-house technical staff, help the executive team and guide them through the strategic planning process and project execution planning.
  • Act as the CIO if your company does not need a full-time CIO or is in-between CIO’s.
  • Be your Board-level ITC trusted advisor and work with the leadership team to give advice & guidance on ITC proposals from internal staff and suppliers.
  • Assist in the identification of ITC staff and suppliers.
  • Manage the selection process of application and infrastructure providers when replacing ERP systems and infrastructure.

How We Work   


We work with you to achieve a more effective ITC function.