We are retained by clients to be part of their advisory team. We assist you through your decision-making processes using the experience gained over many years in similar roles to make informed decisions that meet your needs not that of either existing or potential suppliers who market specific solutions.

We can fill the roll of on-demand Chief Information Officer for clients that need regular oversight and advice of their operations but do not need to incur the high cost of these management positions on a permanent basis.

We provide a blend of skills from the various team members of Milson Advisory. Our team’s ongoing research and collaboration is designed to assist our clients in making informed decisions based on clearly defined strategic pathways to help them achieve their goals.


We provide clients with a one-off diagnostic and strategic plan for your operations to enable the upgrade of your systems and processes to withstand proper due diligence by a potential acquirer. This will give your staff and suppliers a plan that can be executed over a specific time-frame to exit the business.


Our team of specialists is also well equipped to undertake due diligence on behalf of firms seeking to acquire operating businesses.

ITC forms a key component of every business and we have the capabilities and experience to undertake detailed examinations of the ITC functions – applications, infrastructure, integration framework, disaster recovery planning.

Our depth of experience in the evaluation of ERP systems provides clients with a realistic evaluation of the current systems and processes. The ability to avoid cursory due-diligence prior to making an acquisition is now available through Milson Advisory.

Our specialists have designed and built software applications for various clients and are well-equipped to examine the development processes and coding standards of in-house software applications. The identification of key staff dependencies also forms part of this analysis.

The scope of our due diligence process can be defined in a manner that complements legal, accounting and engineering firms undertaking due diligence for their clients.